ABC4 Utah~rebranding and redesign


For advanced media analysis our class worked with ABC4 Utah and proposed a rebranding based on surveys taken throughout the Salt Lake City Valley. The class was broken into multiple teams that delivered a proposal to the new manager at the station concluding the class. On the media team my primary job …

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UX Design


During fall semester at the U I pursued a class teaching useable web design. This is aimed at working with 3 person groups, who later reported to the class as a whole with different opinions and critiques. The overall group and class goal is to re-design a current website using …

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Interior Solutions Strategic Plan


For 3580, Communication for Business Results, I was placed into a group that met with Interior Solutions. This company is based out of salt lake city and is involved with the design and installation of office furniture. We met with the companies president to discuss goals for the upcoming year. …

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