UX Design

During fall semester at the U I pursued a class teaching useable web design. This is aimed at working with 3 person groups, who later reported to the class as a whole with different opinions and critiques. The overall group and class goal is to re-design a current website using an extended process to better user interaction.

The class started with extensive research about the organization and its goals. This process was expanded on by taking a look at the primary users of the site. From this point we created two personas to which we believe represent potential users and their needs. The personas are aimed to keep the sites design from swaying off course and will often be referenced. A heuristic evaluation was then conducted giving our group measures as well as aim for the redesign. To gain more data we conducted usability tests on participants that best well represented our personas. Following their interaction and taking note has also worked to sculpt our design.

Slide1 Slide1

Persona1 (1)                                                     Persona2 (1)

Experience Map


Style Tile

Member Search profile logged in profile not logged in member-search RUSAaccounthome3-(1)   RUSAhomepagenotloggedin2RUSAhomepageloggedin1



Experience Map


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