About Me

Born and raised on the East coast I hold some common traits to most New Englanders. I am a die hard Boston fan and think there is no better person or character than Tom Brady on the face of the earth.

I love dogs and have a 2 year old black lab that I got when I was in college as a pup. I am extremely easy to get along with and I often find myself talking with strangers and meeting new people.

I spend a great amount of time in the outdoors and have hold passions for all seasons. I grew up fishing and working on my families commercial/charter fishing boat. I also grew up skiing with family in the east, later transitioning to the mountains out west in college.

I also am very proud of my home and community of Gloucester, MA. The community is very close and comes together as one during tough times and always finds a way to get through hardship. Perhaps one of the funnest times to be in town is during the Saint Peters Fiesta. This festival celebrates the patron saint of the fisherman and wishes safety upon the fishing fleet. There are a series of events such as the greasy pole and seine boat races that are highly competitive. If you haven’t been to Gloucester for the Fiesta I highly recommend it.

My black lab, Sarabi

My black lab, Sarabi

Skiing with my dad and family friend at Snowbird

Skiing with my dad and family friend at Snowbird

Winning the Seine boat races on Fiesta Sunday.

Winning the Seine boat races on Fiesta Sunday.

A picture of the beach during the Saint Peters Fiesta

A picture of the beach during the Saint Peters Fiesta



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