Connemara Bay Charters: Web-Redesign/Search Engine Optimization/Paid Search Implementation

Click here to visit CB Charters Website

Click here to visit CB Charters Website

I have been working to promote Connemara Bay Fishing Charters since 2012. The company takes clients out for experiences fishing, lobstering, sight-seeing, and on catered cruises.

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The first objective was to get functioning on the mobile level. The company works in tourism in Gloucester, Massachusetts. The analytics of the webpage indicate a large portion of visits are performed on the mobile platform. The bounce rate during peak business time fluctuated from 60-70% in 2013. The new UX design has decreased the b that  functions on the mobile level should prolong site visit duration and increase the odds of visitors booking trips.

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Connemara Bay Charters at the mobile level

The second objective was to optimize the website internally as well as increase the page ranking by networking with other local business and forming mutual links. This objective was met by creating a page that sponsors the other business in Gloucester that attract tourists. A paid ad-campaign was also implemented to increase page hits from researched search query terms via google Adwords.

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This years objective is to includes create a customer data base and survey that will upload content in real time to a web server. When customers board the charter vessel they will be prompted to fill out the database as well as a survey when the trip concludes. Both actions will be completed on a tablet. Direct selling via mail/email will be simplified with the data-base. The survey results will give an honest evaluation to the business. With qualitative results the client will gain an understanding of the customer’s feelings, impressions and viewpoints. Thus, Connemara Bay Charters can adjust their business to better suite their customers values without eliminating the positive aspects of their business. .