Bullet Proof Kids Utah Campaign

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Click Here to visit BulletProofs Website

During my time working with Absolute Creative Services at the University of Utah I served as the account supervisor for Bullet Proof Kids.

Bullet Proof Kids is a non-profit in Salt Lake City aimed to prevent accidental injury and death of children and teens by firearms. The main objective of the organization is to increase safe gun storage.

After consulting with BulletProof’s Founder, Claudia Fruin, we established goals for the semester:

  1. Produce demo/informational videos of the importance of safe gun lock up and how to do so.
  2. Implement a user initiated pledge to practice safe gun lock up via website. This will include name, email, and location fields. From these fields we will establish contacts with gun lockup advocates as well as success measures by demographics for future use.
  3. Produce a brochure that will provide the importance of safe gun lock-up as well spread BulletProof Kids mission.


For more information on the organization visit www.bulletproofkidsutah.org


West Jordan Chief Diamond, Myself, and Salt Lake City Chief Burbank


Gallenson’s Gun Store Owner and Famliy


Pediatrician and Medical Student



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