Growing up in Gloucester

My Roots

 I hail from a very special place, a place different than most, a place that I am proud to say I was raised. I grew up in Gloucester, Massachusetts; America’s oldest sea-port.

Being raised in this setting I instantly became attached to the water. Working onboard my families fishing boat for 15 years now, Ive been blessed with the opportunity to spend time with my family, connect in a close community, work, and learn in a setting very few do.

At the age of 20 I obtained my Masters Captains license enabling me to operate a vessel of up to 100 tons. Utilizing this license during  summers away from college I have adapted to a new sense of responsibility.

When operating the boat I am responsible for all the lives onboard and making sure they have an experience they will never forget. My greatest strength in this setting is taking a person who has no knowledge or experience being on the water and making them feel comfortable.

I’ve run team building trips for company’s like Converse, been on television with Orange Country Choppers, and even had New England Patriots Superbowl champion, Jermaine Wiggins onboard.

I feel that my experience growing up and learning from the ocean has sculpted me into the person I am today and the skills Ive obtained can be applied in other settings.

A happy young passenger and myself

A happy young passenger and myself a few years back

Stacking a trawl of lobster traps

Stacking a trawl of lobster traps